March 2022 Newsletter

Kia ora and greetings to you all,

Welcome to our first Pacific Justice Sector Programme newsletter! It features some key opportunities for partner courts in the Pacific with deadlines within the next few weeks. Please read on and contact us as soon as possible to register your interest. 

We are delighted that the Pacific Justice Sector Programme is underway. Te Kura Kaiwhakawā/Institute of Judicial Studies has been working to support Pacific judicial officers and court staff with professional development opportunities for the past 7 years under the Judicial Pacific Participation Fund (JPPF). Throughout that time, we have made strong relationships with judges, magistrates, court staff and others working to bring access to justice to their communities. We have seen the huge commitment to delivering quality, fair justice for all across the blue continent. This programme supports that commitment. 

We are starting from a place of strength and thank the Federal Court of Australia PJSI team who have generously shared their knowledge with us. We continue to work with several PJSI advisors for many activities and have built a strong Te Kura PJSP team to continue and build on that previous work. You will see the services previously provided continue, along with more support for access to justice among vulnerable groups and links with traditional and customary justice processes.

Our spirits are raised by the positive and warm engagement we have had so far with our colleagues in the Pacific. We deeply appreciate your patience and willingness to share your expertise. We are guided by you as we develop the PJSP and greatly enjoy the collaboration. 

Ngā mihi nui,

Janine McIntosh (Director) and Tina Pope (Team Leader)   



Expressions of interest - closing 16 March


The Pacific Justice Sector Programme is calling for expressions of interest for those partner courts wishing to improve or refresh knowledge and skills in Court Performance Reporting. Contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

The purpose of the engagement is to improve capacity of Partner Courts to manage and use data to improve efficiency, understand workload and minimise delay.  

The engagement will include:

  • Quarterly remote Zoom meetings to educate/re-enforce evidence-based court performance management (1-2 hours each);
  • Education in the top 8 court performance indicators (CPIs), their calculation and meaning and;
  • Review of current reports and upgrade with 8 CPIs to help better assess the current actual performance of the court.

Target audience: Judicial and court officers responsible for case-flow and case management



  • Understand internal court performance management systems through the CPI’s and know their connection to case management and case-flow management 
  • Increase and improve capacity and processes in:
    • Quality data management and data analysis;
    • Production, interpretation, analysis and dissemination of court performance reports applying the top 8 court performance indicators and;
    • Understanding of the relationship between Court Performance Reporting to Annual Reporting.

For this support to be successful, PJSP will require access to current court performance data prior to each session.



The Pacific Justice Sector Programme are calling for expressions of interest to expand Remote Court Proceeding opportunities for two partner countries in this round of funding.

Partner courts which were provided support under PJSI who wish to be provided follow-up support, may also submit a request.

Contact us if you are interested in furthering Remote Court Proceeding initiatives in your jurisdiction.

The purpose of the engagement is to: 

  • Increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of Partner Courts with respect to the technical, operational and related policy and procedures associated with the conduct of Remote Court Proceedings;
  • Build confidence in Partner Courts to successfully conduct Remote Court Proceedings; and
  • Familiarise participants with the newly published Remote Court Proceedings Toolkit.

The engagement will include:

  • A two-hour remote Zoom workshop based on the Remote Court Proceedings Toolkit;
  • Where appropriate, development of a short Remote Court Proceedings Action Plan and;
  • One follow-up session.

The number of Partner Courts to be supported is limited, so please set out any special circumstances to support your request.




Now accepting applications


Our mentoring programme aims to support the development of the judiciary by matching mentees with mentors to empower and maximise skills and performance. The mentoring model used prioritises the cultural integrity of Pacific peoples in the programme.

Recently we met with our group of NZ judges to introduce the newly-developed mentoring programme and present the Mentoring Handbook. Our mentors have been carefully selected and bring extensive experience, relational skills and a sincere enthusiasm to be involved.

In July 2021, team members Tina Pope and Delwyn Te Moni hosted a mentoring fono for our judges. The weekend programme brought everyone together within a Pacific-centred process to share valuable knowledge and contribute to the framework of the programme. This inaugural group of New Zealand judicial mentors demonstrated passion and commitment to providing effective support for and connection with the Pacific judiciary.

We are grateful for our mentors’ generosity of time and self, and for the programme facilitators, Dr. Cherie Chu-Fuluifaga, Mr. Maciu Raivoka (Te Herenga Waka/Victoria University) and Mr. Pale Sauni (Ako Aotearoa). Thanks also to The Men Mountain Group, Agnes Vucago, Janice Ikiua-Pasi and Naomi Ratana for their support.

We’re looking forward to meeting soon with our mentees. Once mentees have been approved and matched with their mentor, they will participate in training so they are ready to start the mentoring partnership.

PJSP is now welcoming applications from judicial officers and senior support court staff who would like to participate in the programme. Any application must first be discussed with and endorsed by the Chief Justice. Email Delwyn with any questions.


Mentoring Fono, Paekākāriki, NZ, July 2021


An important reminder to save the date


On the 13 April 2022 PJSP will host a remote (online) webinar focusing on judicial wellbeing. The half-day session will focus on key issues identified by Pacific judiciaries relating to judicial stress. and what things can be done to minimise and manage that.The webinar will be interactive and you will hear from senior colleagues on their views and experiences. Judicial officers may apply to attend by contacting their Chief Justice or Head of Bench.

The webinar facilitator, Robyn Bradey (B.Soc.Stud. SYD.) is a Mental Health Accredited Social Worker with 41 years’ experience, 30 of those in private practice. She has been a youth worker, a hospital social worker, and an administrator. She offers professional supervision to a wide range of health, welfare and legal workers. She has been a counsellor, specialising in loss, grief, trauma, work related stress and injury. Since 2008, she has specialised in training consulting and supporting the legal profession in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and is currently working as a consultant and trainer for the Federal Court of Australia, Federal Circuit and FL Court, the UK Bar and Inns of Court, NZ Te Kura Kaiwhakawā, NZ Privacy Commission, NZ Ombudsman, NZ Law Society, Legal Aid, NSW Community Legal Services, the Bar Association of NSW, the Law Society of NSW, the NSW and Commonwealth DPP, NSW and Commonwealth Ombudsman, Knowmore, Australian Red Cross and a large number of other agencies and organisations. She has written 5 books and numerous professional papers.




Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea Centre for Judicial Excellence (PNGCJE) recently conducted an Access to Justice Community Awareness Programme on Yule Island, Kairuku District of Central Province.

Funded through the PJSP Leadership Incentive Fund the programme aims to build awareness of the fundamentals of justice, creating a basic understanding of what the laws mean and supporting communities to be aware of their legal rights and the legal services available.

Dr. John Carey, PNGCJE Executive Director, facilitated the programme and commented on the need for citizens to understand their basic rights under the Constitution and accessing justice through the various systems and processes already in place.

The programme was delivered to magistrates and clerks of the Village Court, community leaders and peace officers, both on the mainland and on the island. The programme will also be conducted in Jiwaka and Manus provinces. Awareness programmes have already taken place in Kwikila, Rigo Inland, Hanuabada and Papa Lealea.

The PJSP team are proud to have supported this effective and locally-led initiative which reaches rural communities and contributes to the improvement of access to justice. Read the full story here.




2022 members appointed

To assist the development and implementation of PJSP, Te Kura has set up an advisory group – the Pacific Justice Sector Programme Advisory Committee.  Members have initially been appointed for the first year of the new programme to provide advice and support to the Director PJSP particularly on:

  • engaging with key people and organisations to foster a Pacific partnership approach;
  • engaging Pacific faculty, presenters, and subject matter experts across the Pacific;
  • building Pacific capability and;
  • advising on future governance and advisory support for PJSP from 2023 onwards.

For 2022, members of the Committee are:

  • Justice van Bohemen, High Court NZ, judicial leader for PJSP (Chair)
  • Judge Ida Malosi, District Court NZ, Pasifika judicial representative
  • Judge Craig Coxhead, Māori Land Court NZ, Chief Justice Niue, IEC member
  • Dr Julia Ioane, Te Kura Board member, Lay Pasifika adviser
  • Mele Wendt MNZM, Lay expert Pasifika adviser
  • Tupe Solomon- Tanoa'i, Chief Philanthropic Officer of the Borrin Foundation, Lay Pasifika adviser
  • Janine McIntosh, Director Te Kura Kaiwhakawā and PJSP
  • Holly Ewens, Senior Advisor Projects PJSP

The intention is to review the role and membership of the Committee towards the end of 2022 to ensure, among other things, an appropriate balance of regional representation.