Mentors and mentorees

PJSP is now welcoming applications from judicial officers and senior support court staff who would like to participate in the programme. Any application must first be discussed with and endorsed by the Chief Justice. Download an expression of interest form here.

Our mentoring programme aims to support the development of the judiciary by matching mentees with mentors to empower and maximise skills and performance. The mentoring model used prioritises the cultural integrity of Pacific peoples in the programme.

Our mentors have been carefully selected and bring extensive experience, relational skills and a sincere enthusiasm to be involved.

In July 2021, team members Tina Pope and Delwyn Te Moni hosted a mentoring fono for our judges. The weekend programme brought everyone together within a Pacific-centred process to share valuable knowledge and contribute to the framework of the programme. This inaugural group of New Zealand judicial mentors demonstrated passion and commitment to providing effective support for and connection with the Pacific judiciary.

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 Mentoring Fono, Paekākāriki New Zealand, 2021