Webinar: Cybercrime Legislation in the Pacific

Friday 5 August at 12pm Canberra time/2pm Tarawa time/3pm Nuku’alofa time

Brought to you by the Council of Europe (COE) and PILON Cybercrime Working Group webinar ‘Cybercrime Legislation in the Pacific: Sharing Perspectives on Recent Progress’

The webinar will discuss recent progress in harmonising and updating legal frameworks on cybercrime and electronic evidence, in line with international standards (i.e., Budapest Convention) as a crucial milestone in equipping relevant authorities in the region to address cybercrime issues. The webinar will offer Pacific countries the opportunity to share the approach their country has taken, and discuss the merits of solutions to further strengthen the criminal justice response in the region.

We are very pleased to announce that the webinar will feature presenters from Kiribati and Tonga, which are at different stages in the consideration and implementation of cybercrime legislation. The presenters will speak on their country’s approach to cybercrime legislation and outline how international standards such as the Budapest Convention have been implemented in their country, as well as any further steps to be taken. The Council of Europe will also present on the impacts and benefits of acceding to the Budapest Convention, the accession process and further types of assistance the Council of Europe can extend to interested countries.

By the end of this workshop, the participants will gain a better understanding of:

·         Experiences and lessons learned by PILON countries when drafting cybercrime legislation in line with international standards, and in strengthening the criminal justice capacities to respond to the increasing threats posed by cyber actors.

  • The current status of cybercrime legislation in the Pacific and next steps.

  • The impact and benefits of acceding to the Budapest Convention, the accession process and further types of assistance Council of Europe can extend to interested countries.


This event may be of interest to:

·         officials involved in reforming national legislation, including criminal justice authorities;

·         legislative drafters who are interested in learning about the drafting challenges of ensuring domestic legislation aligns with international standards;

·         policy officers from the respective Attorney‑Generals’ or other relevant offices who may be considering accession to the Budapest Convention;

·         any officials who are considering changes to their cybercrime laws; and

·         cybercrime experts, cybercrime prosecutors and law enforcement professionals from Pacific Island countries.

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